Jose Antonio Romero Arroyo the tattooist

Jose Antonio Romero Arroyo Jose Antonio Romero Arroyo, also known as Jose Jau.
Born 29-11-1985, Riópar (Albacete)

 Experience | 8 years experience  Age | 28 years old

 More about Jose Antonio Romero Arroyo
At a very early stage he became interested about the art of drawing and graffiti due to observing his mother painting, that being his solid base for his artistic future.
He was introduced to the art of tattooing in 2005 when he saw a friend of his transform a simple design into a outstanding artistic tattoo.
After working as an apprentice for four years doing many tattoos to his own colleagues he opened: ARROYO TATTOO STUDIO and finally professionally entered the tattoo world.
After a long period of working in different studios he joined the Enigma Team in 2013, making his goal to keep improving his technique.
Specialization: Free hand, new school, graffiti cartoon and working with color tattoos.

 Photos of their work

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