Roy Peña the tattooist

Roy Peña Roy Peña Olivares. Born in Guayaquil-Ecuador in 1973.

 Experience | 23 years experience  Age | 39 years old

 More about Roy Peña
Throughout his career he has met a lot tattoo artists who have provided him with guidance and experience, improving his work. 
He doesn´t just work in just only one style, he tries to challenge himself in all different areas such as shading, colours, lines, alternate shapes, etc. 
He treats every tattoo with the same dedication, it doesn't matter the size, whether it’s simple or complex and he always maintains passion and devotion for each and every customer.
 During his professional career he has worked in a wide variety of locations and owned several studios it wasn’t until 2008 when he joined the Enigma Team.

 Photos of their work

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