Maggie Magoo the tattooist

Maggie Magoo Magdalena Klungseth, born in Palma de Mallorca in 1987.

 Experience | 4 years experience  Age | 26 years old

 More about Maggie Magoo
She grew up in Umea, Sweden, until she was 9 years old where it was always clear that she would devote her life to the world of art and at age of 14 she realized her dream was to be a tattoo artist. In 2006 she started working in a tattoo studio but not until three years later did she began teaching herself the techniques of tattooing. After starting, she was offered work as a tattoo artist in a studio in Palma. She was then offered a position in a studio in Gazolin, Magaluf where she worked for 2 years.
She has recently become part of the Enigma team doing what she does best.

 Photos of their work

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